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"Fasting is not a deprivation but exactly the opposite: a very rich thing you do for your Self. Just as savasana on the mat; this is where the magic happens."
Mary McGuire-Wien

Juice Fasting Program

The world is moving fast. Information is overwhelming our nervous systems, toxins in most of our foods, water and atmosphere, are going into our body faster than our cells can process and eliminate them. Fasting gives your digestive system a rest. What we've done by creating these juices is eliminate the process of digesting, thus freeing up the energy it usually take for your body to do so. Ultimately leaving you with a sense of renewed energy. Our raw juice helps to break down toxic materials and eliminates them through natural circulation, and through all of this new cell growth is created.

Since your body is just so genuine and intelligent, your blood-protein level will stay consistent during your cleanse, as your body uses stored protein and other nutrients where they are needed. Our juices are intentionally prepared with an array of fruits, vegetables and herbs that are necessary to enhance your health while cleansing. You will still be receiving your daily calories and nutrients just in a way that is more gradual and more gentle for your body.

Raw Juice

Raw Juice refers to the extracted juices of fruits and vegetables that have in no way been cooked or heated. This is to retain the full enzymatic properties. Please read about "what are enzymes".

We combine the juices at American Yogini in a very special way. We have the most delicious, nutritious, cleansing and lovingly made juices anywhere on the planet. Our freshly extracted juice blends maximize nutrients. Did you know that all Fruits and Vegetables contain protein? These are not complete proteins as animal products contain, but when combined in our special blends, a full array of nutrients, enzymes and proteins are made available to you.

Choose your Juice Cleanse

Our juices contain no added sugars; only pure living organic fruits and vegetables blended for a delicious and perfect balance of sour, sweet, spicy, salty, bitter and astringent flavors, so cravings are virtually eliminated!

Color:   The pigments naturally present in Fruits and Vegetables that give them their colors contain important micro-nutrients known as phytochemicals, each of which provides a unique benefit to our bodies. We require and are at our best when we consume a wide variety of these colors from fruits and vegetables. Coincidentally, the energy centers in our bodies also are associated with a full color spectrum.

Storage:   Juices are fresh and living, never heated, pasteurized or manipulated in any way. They are preserved only by cold temperature control and remain vital for 3 days when refrigerated. Keep juices refrigerated as soon as you receive them and carry them with you during the day in the chic thermal tote and ice pack, both of which are included in your Hohm Cleanse Kit.

Full Spectrum All Green The Zero
Our trademark "Full Spectrum Cleanse" from juicecleanse.com is our most popular juice cleanse menu.   Illuminate your own true colors from the inside out with the "Full  Spectrum Cleanse"

Each day of Full Spectrum juices consist of:
  1. SECURITY:  beets, celery, apple, lime, ginger
  2. CREATIVITY: carrot, orange, yam, celery, apple, lemon, ginger
  3. CONFIDENCE: pineapple, celery, cilantro, lemon, ginger
  4. LOVE: romaine, celery, green apple, lime, ginger
  5. COMPASSION: collards, kale, lime, green apple, celery, ginger
  6. COMFORT: almond mylk ( almonds water, raw honey, vanilla)
  Full Spectrum Cleansing is a great option for anyone wanting an fun, delicious and healthy cleanse.
Green is considered the true color of the sun. Chlorophyll, the chemical that gives plants a green color is very purifying and healing. This is why even the Full Spectrum cleanse always includes at least 50% green juices. The All Green Cleanse contains very little fruits, and mainly green leafy vegetables. Our green blends are as follows:
  1. LOVE: romaine, celery, green apple, lime, ginger
  2. HAPPINESS: romaine, zucchini, cucumber, celery, apple, lime, ginger
  3. JOY: romaine, radish greens, celery, chayote, pear, lemon, ginger
  4. COMPASSION: collards, kale, lime, green apple, celery, ginger
  5. LOVE: romaine, celery, green apple, lime, ginger
  6. COMFORT: almond mylk ( almonds water, raw honey, vanilla)
All Green may be a good option if you are trying to overcome sugar addiction, or clear a sugar-related issue such as candida or yeast infections.
Each day's juices will consist of:
  1. WONDER:  romaine, parsley, kale, celery, cucumber, ginger
  2. INNOCENCE: spinach, lettuce, sprouts, celery, lime, ginger
  3. SPACIOUSNESS: cucumber, celery, spinach, lime, mint
  4. WONDER: romaine, parsley, kale, celery, cucumber, ginger
  5. CLARITY: celery, chayote, cucumber, spinach, lime, ginger, mint
  6. NAKED COMFORT: almonds, water, vanilla, stevia

The Zero is a good option if you want a juice cleanse with zero fruits whatsoever.

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